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December 11, 2019
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America Votes If All People Should Become One Color


BOOK TITLE: Race Changer, Volume II: America Votes If All People Should Become One Color, by Rick Hyman

Volume II of Race Changer continues the saga of four Jewish teenaged girls who lead the effort to save the world from aliens threatening to destroy planet Earth.  It is a timely allegory on the meaning of race and democracy and the continuing challenges we all confront on these issues. 

In this saga, the Race Changers journey across countries and space to thwart aliens intent on destruction if any people of color are found on Earth.  In the course of their travels they visit the President at the White House, Area 52, Mars, and another neighborhood in Washington DC. 

The book graphically describes how lives change drastically when skin color changes, and how the perceptions of others are altered as well.  Race Changer challenges readers to think through timely issues and face complex questions, all in the context of an entertaining story with engaging characters.